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Blog date 15-10-2020
Category : Mobile Application

The Rise of Fantasy Sports In India

It is the IPL season again. The craze is not limited to the cricket pitch. It has spread online too and it is not any random hysteria. You make your own team and win huge. Yes, you select your 11 member team and win based on the live match performance of the players. This is fantasy cricket for you- you make your dream team, you win money if your team is indeed the best.

Welcome to the world of fantasy sports. Cricket, baseball, basketball, hockey- you can build your own dream team and win money.


Mind-boggling Statistics of Fantasy Sports

  1. In the USA and Canada combined, fantasy sports had grown from 32 million players in 2010 to 60 million players in 2017.   
  2. In the US, the fantasy sports industry grew from 42 million in 2015 to 46 million in 2019.
  3. In India, 75% of the users played fantasy sports 1-3 times a week and 20% played over 5 times a week.


Fantasy Cricket App & Its Popularity in India

Dream11, a leading fantasy cricket app in India had 1 million registered users in 2014 and crossed 50 million users by 2019. It generated about $150 million in revenue and had $2 billion in transactions on its platform.  

Dream11 fantasy cricket app is also the title sponsor for IPL 2020 cricket league.

Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador for Mobile Premier League (MPL), another popular fantasy cricket app. K.L Rahul was signed the ambassador for SuperTeam fantasy cricket league on MPL.  

Paytm First has involved the cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador while MyTeam11 has signed Virender Sehwag.

Fantasy sports in India have a lot of users from tier2 and tier 3 cities.

IPL is the key factor for all the fantasy sports app in India to gain maximum traction and increase its customer base.

While a number of fantasy sports apps have been released in the market, none of them have a strong user base as Dream11. How does this matter? It matters the most as increased players or users mean increased money pooling and a bigger winning amount.

The other apps like Paytm First, My11Circle, MyTeam11, Mobile Premier League (MPL), BalleBaazi app have all not been able to add as many users as this Dream11 fantasy cricket app.

Halaplay, another fantasy sports app has a reverse match concept, where you win if your team scores the least points.     

The fantasy sports app in India has attracted investments from venture capitalists and private equity investors.

Even though many people consider it as a form of gambling, the courts in India have considered it as a game of skill. But still, some states like Assam, Odisha and Telangana have banned fantasy sports.



The fantasy sports have become popular among the masses thanks to mobile penetration into the remote villages in India. With mobile internet becoming cheap, the fantasy sports apps in India, especially the fantasy cricket apps have become well-liked and continue to add new users every day.

If you are interested in creating a fantasy sports app like Dream11 or Mobile Premier League, contact us. We are into fantasy sports app development in India and we offer services that will help your gaming app to get maximum downloads and users. 


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Blog date 07-10-2020
Category : Mobile Application

A Brief Introduction To Video Game Live Streaming

A game lover or not, many might have heard about video game live streaming. Of course, a hardcore gamer will know what it is. After all, watching a video game live streaming is what keeps them occupied other than playing games on their mobile, PC or Xbox.

Let us see what a video game live streaming is and its requirements.   

What is video game live streaming?

A video game live streaming is wherein a gamer or creator records himself playing games on a device and streams it to a live audience on a game streaming platform through a game streaming software. Made popular in the 2010s, it has now become a global phenomenon with star gamers earning income from sponsors, donations, advertisements and subscriptions. The main highlight is the live commentary from the gamers that interests and entertains the audience.

Originally started on the online game streaming channel Twitch, it has now spread its wings to Facebook and YouTube.

The video game market is immensely huge and the gaming companies conduct online leagues and esports (online video game competitions) to attract users to download its games.

Here are the gaming industry statistics to help you understand the popularity of video game live streaming.


Gaming Industry Statistics-

  1. The value of the video game market in the US is 60.4 billion USD in 2020 from 43.4 billion USD in 2018. The global video market revenue is predicted to grow to $138 billion by 2021 and a resounding $300 billion industry by 2025.
  2. There are an estimated 2.7 billion gamers across the world in 2020. The Asia Pacific region has the highest number of gamers at 1.5 billion.
  3. The global gaming market is expected to generate $160 billion in revenue in 2020 and expected to reach $200 billion in 2023.
  4. The mobile gaming will account for $77 billion in revenue in 2020 which is an increase of 13% from the previous year.
  5. An astonishing fact is the growth of games on mobile in 2020 with an expected 2.6 billion gamers on mobile devices out of the total of 2.7 billion players.  


What tools or devices are needed to live stream games?

Desktop/laptop- You need at least an Intel i7 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 2.5 GHz, an SSD and many USB ports.

Gaming Device- PC, Xbox One, Laptop, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, mobile device.

Camera- You can use a USB webcam or a digital camera for your live streaming.

Microphone- For good quality audio, it is better to use a condenser microphone that doesn’t pick up a lot of background noise.

Audio Mixer- This is to use multiple microphones and other audio sources. Ensure that your audio mixer has a number of inputs and also has an output to get the audio to the computer.

Software- A live streamer will need video streaming and switching software.

Internet Access- Get access to a wired network with at least an upload speed of 3-5 Mbps.

Streaming Channels- YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch are famous video game live streaming channels where you will get people to watch your live streaming.


Best live game streaming software

What is a live game streaming software?

A live game streaming software is actually a software encoder that converts the video input into a playable digital format and sends it across through the internet. Along with this they even help you to adjust the quality of your streaming through graphics addition, multiple-camera and multiple-audio switching. There is also live game streaming hardware available where the encoding takes place locally. But the software is widely used and popular.    


Popular Gaming Streaming Sites or Channels

A gaming streaming site is a channel or destination that broadcasts your live stream to an audience. The popular social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and Twitch act as video live streaming platforms.

1.      Twitch-

Twitch by Amazon is a video live streaming service that is famous for game live streaming. It also broadcasts esports competitions, music, gaming-related talk shows, food, lifestyle and other creative content. Twitch has over 3 million monthly broadcasters and 15 million daily active users. With Twitch, a split-screen display allows you to see the streamer play and what they see or play on their monitor along with their audio. Users can purchase games through links with streamers receiving a commission on sales. The user can add comments and ask questions to receive answers in real-time. The live stream can also be saved to watch it at a later time. Twitch subscriptions allow users to watch the live streams ad-free and also support their favorite streamers.

2.      YouTube-

Previously YouTube had designed a separate dedicated portal for gaming called the YouTube Gaming app in 2015. But since there was a lot of confusion regarding the main YouTube app and the YouTube Gaming app, it was decided to merge the two. The YouTube Gaming app closed down in May 2019 and the subscribers were shifted to the main app.  

The Gaming page on YouTube is a treasure for gamers and creators with over 86 million subscribers. It has sections for trending game videos, top live streams, recommended gaming videos based on user subscriptions and history and top live games. There is also a section for the latest gaming videos from the user subscriptions. If any game becomes popular and has a significant presence on YouTube, a page is automatically generated for it and the algorithm decides the videos that have to go inside this page.   

Twitch remains the most popular game streaming channel in the US and Europe whereas YouTube is popular in Asia and Latin America. But YouTube is carving its own identity in gaming and may soon take over Twitch’s dominance. The highlight reels and other shorter videos by game creators are catching up with the audience and also the esports leagues like the Call Of Duty League and the OverWatch League.    

3.      Facebook Gaming-

Launched in 2018, Facebook Gaming offers users access to live gaming streams, groups and instant games. Its active users increased by 234% in 2019-20. Popular in South East Asia, Facebook Gaming has seen a steady inflow of star streamers since 2019. When Microsoft closed its game streaming service, Mixer, in 2020, it collaborated with Facebook Gaming and gave its users an option to redirect to the Facebook platform.

4.      Bilibili-

This Chinese video live streaming service has recently acquired a 3 year exclusive right to broadcast League of Legends World Championship, Mid-Season Invitational and League of Legends All Star in China.

5.      HLTV-

Half-Life TV covers Counter Strike: Global Offensive esports news and tournaments.

6.      BIGO TV-

This live streaming service founded in Singapore is already popular in Thailand and has over 350 million users globally. It has obtained the 5th place in the worldwide streaming apps. It is now banned in countries of India and Pakistan.

7.      Afreeca TV-

Any FREE broadCAsting or Afreeca TV available in South Korea is famous for its various esports leagues like the Afreeca TV StarCast League (ASL), Global Starcraft 2 League (GSL) and the Afreeca TV Battle Ground League (APL). IT is also known for the esports broadcast relay station like OverWatch APEX relay and the League of Legends Pro League Korean Relay.

The other popular video streaming services are Huya, DLive, Smashcast.tv and GosuGamers.


How to live stream your game on PC to Twitch?

Sign up for Twitch to create your account. You get a stream key that links and streams to your profile from the free broadcasting apps (you have to use Twitch recommended apps). If you use a free broadcasting app like OBS, you have to enter the key here so that this app can communicate with your Twitch channel account to stream the game live. You have to select the source (specific window, entire screen), audio levels, stream quality, etc. Once the setup process is complete, click on the ‘Stream’ button and you are ready for the broadcast.


How to live stream from Android Mobile to YouTube?

For live streaming from the Android mobile to YouTube, you have to download the YouTube app and create a live stream through the ‘Capture’ & ‘Go Live’ option. But this is possible only when you have at least 1000 subscribers and get access to mobile live streaming. Also, the first live stream may take 24 hours to be enabled. YouTube also gives the option to schedule a live stream.     

NOTE: Use the Android phone’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to avoid interruptions.  



The video game live streaming is proof of the growing popularity of mobile games. If you want to join the bandwagon, now is your chance. If you have any game ideas in mind, let us know about it. We will help you transform it into an enticing, entertaining and exciting game through our expert game developer team.   


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Blog date 02-10-2020
Category : Mobile Application

5 Top Battle Royale Games For 2020

Though Subway Surfers was named the most downloaded mobile game of the decade, it is the battle royale games that are the most talked about and the most-played. Needless to say, this lockdown has turned everyone into a hardcore gamer and this trend is not going to fade away soon.  

Let us see the top 5 battle royale games for 2020-


Though PUBG Mobile made news thanks to its ban in India, it still remains a hugely popular Battle Royale game. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) developed by PUBG Corporation was given a full release on Dec 2017. By 2020, it had sold over 70 million copies and has been downloaded over 600 million times. The players have to parachute to the ground onto one of the four maps and collect weapons to fight against the enemies. The playable area of the map keeps shrinking and the players have to relocate to safety within a given time. The person who remains alive until the last wins the match. The PUBG Lite was introduced as the lighter version for the slow mobile networks. This version had a smaller map and only 60 players compared to 100 in the full version with a fast-paced 10-minute game.  

PUBG was the top-selling game of 2017 and 2018. Its position was toppled by Free Fire in 2019.


2. Free Fire Battlegrounds

Also known as Garena Free Fire or simply Free Fire, this game was developed by 111 Dots Studio. It received the “Best Popular Vote Game” by Google Play Store for 2019. Launched in Dec 2017, Free Fire is offered by Garena International Pvt Ltd. This game consists of up to 50 players and each player enters the war zone by jumping down from a plane. The players go looking for weapons and have to survive on the island to win the game. The last surviving player wins the game. Almost similar to PUBG, Free Fire has a smaller map and faster combat.


3. Call Of Duty Mobile

One of the largest mobile game launches in history on 1st October 2019, Call Of Duty generated over $330 million from above 250 million downloads. Similar in concept to PUBG and Free Fire, the battle royale mode consists of 100 players who play against each while collecting weapons. A Zombies mode was added in Nov 2019 and subsequently removed in Season 4 when it didn’t reach the desired level of quality. The COD keeps adding new features and updates every season (mobile anniversary) to retain viewer attention. The COD Mobile has integrated all features and modes from the main Call of Duty series.  


4. Fortnite Battle Royale

Initially released in Sept 2017, Fortnite Battle Royale, developed and published by Epic Games, later released the versions for mobile gaming in the next year. In this game, 100 players skydive to an island and search for ammunition and gear to defend themselves from other players. Similar to PUBG and other battle royale games, the playable area keeps shrinking. But the distinguishing factor is that the players are able to collect resources and build walls and obstacles to safeguard themselves from other players or for strategic viewing. By May 2020, it had 350 million players and had generated over 2 billion dollars worldwide.  


5. Among Us

Among Us was released in 2018 and received little attention then. It was in 2020 that this space-themed game developed and published by InnerSloth, an American game studio, became more popular and widely appreciated. This multiplayer game needs 4-10 players. Any of these players are randomly selected to be impostors. The play is in any one of the 3 maps- a spaceship (The Skeld), a headquarters building (Mira HQ) and a planet base (Polus). The crewmates have to complete tasks while the goal of the impostors is to blend with the crewmates and sabotage the tasks.

Among Us was inspired by Mafia and released with a single map. The other two maps were added later in 2019. Even though the initial response was lukewarm, it became popular in the early 2020 thanks to some famous Twitch streamers and YouTubers. By Sept 2020, it had 100 million downloads and 3.8 million players. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a game that needs 60 players to compete in mini-matches is also another battle royale game like Among Us that is popular and different from the other battle royale games that mostly focus on violent battles.      



Lockdown aside, the battle royale games remain hugely popular with today’s generation. 2020 and the next year are all about technological advancements in the gaming industry. From AR to VR, expect drastic changes in the way the mobile game is perceived and played.  

If you have a good idea in mind, this is the right time to transform it into a battle royale mobile game. We are a mobile game development agency that designs epic games that will help you get the maximum downloads.  

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Blog date 30-09-2020
Category : Mobile Application

5 Easy Online Casino Games for Beginners

With the popularity of online casino games soaring, it takes a while for a rookie to transform into a seasoned player. Casino games are fun when you learn the intrinsic and then start to bet.

The online casino games are a great way of learning for beginners. You can start with the free online casino games first till you get a grip on it.

Here we have listed the best 5 easy casino games for beginners-  

1. Slots

A game of chance, a game of luck, the slot machine is the easiest casino game with nothing to learn or trick. You have to just click on the spin button. The set of reels is populated with symbols. The win is calculated by the new combination of symbols on the reels after the spin is complete. The slot is called by different names like fruit machines, pokies, video slots or the one-armed bandits.


2. Roulette

Again Roulette is another simple casino game that has the roulette table consisting of the wheel and the betting layout. The bets are called by placing money or casino coins on the betting layout prior to the outcome of the spin. The roulette wheel is spun in one direction, while the ball is spun in the opposite direction around a circular track consisting of numbers written on red and black slots. The ball comes to rest on any of the numbered slots after passing through deflectors. The bet types are many and can be placed on a single number, adjacent numbers, color, even or odd, column, or a range. 


3. Blackjack

A simple straight-forward card game, blackjack or 21 is where the players are playing against the dealer. The card deck sans the joker will have a number value. Each player including the dealer gets two cards. The aim of the players is to get their card value close to 21 but not over 21. They have to get their card value higher than the dealer but not over 21 to win. The player or the dealer whoever gets the closest to 21 points wins the game. Also, if any of them gets a blackjack combination which is that one card has to be a king, queen or jack and the other an ace, they win 3:2 or 6:5 whatever the casino decides. This is a simple and exciting casino game that is easy for beginners.  


4. Video Poker

This is a 5 card game where you win for different combinations of numbers and suits like the Jacks or better, 2 pair, 3 of a kind, straight flush, full house, flush, 4 of a kind, and the royal flush. Here, instead of placing a bet with a few other players, you play single player in front of a screen. The payouts for all the winning combinations are listed beforehand. If the displayed 5 cards have any winning combination you win the bet. You can discard unwanted cards to get fresh ones and hope that you increase your chances of making winning combinations.


5. Craps

Also called the 7-11, this is a game where you bet on the outcome of two dice roll. Two dices are needed here and the act of rolling the dice is called shooting. During the game, you place bet on the shooter or against the shooter. Each round in craps starts with the come-out roll. If the shooter rolls a combination of 7 or 11 (called natural), he gets to roll again. If the player rolls out combinations of 2, 3 or 12 (called craps), he loses but gets to roll again. If the shooter rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, that value becomes the point. Once these numbers are rolled, a button gets turned ON. If the shooter gets a 7 combination in the first chance itself, then 7 is their friend. But if a player rolls 7 when the button is ON, they lose. Bets are placed on the dice roll combination. The field is when you bet for the dice to roll a 2, 3, 4, 9,10, 11 or 12. The other bets are the pass line, don’t pass, come, don’t come, big 6, any 7, any craps and so on.   



While the Craps seems a bit complicated, it is easy to understand if you leave the betting part. Once you get to know the game, you gradually learn the betting aspects of it. The slot machine, roulette and the blackjack are simple games based on luck. 

If you have any casino games in mind, come to us. We are a mobile game development company that has expertise in designing and developing online casino games that keep the players completely hooked to it.

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Blog date 29-09-2020
Category : Web Application

Original Farmville On Facebook Is Shutting Down

Yes, Farmville is shutting down.

It is permanent closure for the most popular game on Facebook, Farmville. Come 31st December 2020 and Farmville will not be available on Facebook or the Play Store.

Why is Farmville closing?

Farmville uses the old technology Adobe Flash that will no longer be supported by browsers and Facebook.

The creator of Farmville, Zynga announced in a blog post that since Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player for all web browsers, Farmville will be directly affected by this step. Also, Facebook will stop supporting Flash games on their platform from 31st Dec 2020.

Farmville Story

Since its launch in 2009, Farmville on Facebook has captivated the game lovers’ attention due to its concept. But it wasn’t unique, to begin with. Its concept was heavily borrowed from the games Green Patch and Slashkey’s Farm Town. Zynga, Farmville’s creator had a massive user base and it used cross-promotions and ads to fuel the initial curiosity.

Six months after the game’s release it had 73 million monthly active users. By July 2011, it had reached 750 million. Farmville even partnered with Microsoft Bing, McDonald’s, and American Express including a promotion for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album.

Farmville earned good money through its in-app purchases. Its ‘Invite Friends’ feature helped it to grow its user base substantially. But it had its own shares of criticism too. Its parent company Zynga started the trend of user permission to access their data. Of course, the collected data was effectively analyzed and used to its advantage.  

What next for Farmville players?

The in-app purchases will be available until 17th Nov 2020. After this, neither payments will be accepted nor will refunds be processed. It urges the players to use any pending credits before 31st Dec 2020. It is also working on some in-game activities to make the players remaining time on Farmville memorable. Also, it is offering a Bonus Package to players who want to migrate to Farmville 2: Tropic Escape before 31st Dec 2020.

NOTE: Only Farmville will be discontinued on 31st Dec 2020. The Farmville 2: Tropic Escape, Farmville 2: Country Escape will continue both on the web browser and mobile. Also, Zynga has plans to launch Farmville 3 on the mobile soon.    

If you have a unique gaming idea, get in touch with us. We translate your ideas into immersive games using the best 2D/3D graphics, advanced technologies, clean coding and seamless integration techniques. As a reliable mobile game development company, we encourage people to share their ideas so that we can transform them into a thrilling gaming experience.  

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Blog date 21-09-2020
Category : Mobile Application

10 Top Languages For Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are everywhere today and form an integral part of our lives. From social media apps to necessary apps, from gaming apps to shopping apps, our mobiles are filled with them.

Just glance through the statistics to know why mobile apps rule the world and will continue to do in the years ahead-

For each app you see on your mobile, a lot of software goes into it to make it rich in UI/UX and functionality. Now let us know the languages for mobile application development and see what brings these apps to life.


The 10 top mobile application development languages are-

1. Java

Java is an open-source, object-oriented mobile app development language that has the core benefit of write once, run anywhere (WORA). The benefits of Java being the preferred mobile app development language are-

Multithreading- This allows for running and executing multitasks simultaneously. This increases the efficiency, response time and performance of the app.

Memory management- The Java objects are stored in a heap that can increase or decrease in size during the execution. The garbage is eliminated automatically thus making space for the entry of new objects. This increases the performance, decreases the crash chances and makes the app optimized.

Scalability- It is easy to scale the app either in depth or width when coding in Java.

Platform independent- Java codes, once written, can be used on any platform with minimal changes. This reduces coding time and increases efficiency.

Increased security- The inbuilt Java language features like cryptography, sandbox, exception handling helps in preventing threats. Also, security policies can be tweaked to individual apps thus safeguarding it against attacks.

Open-source- Java has a vast repository of resources, libraries, and online communities on the internet that will help for easy mobile app development.


2. Kotlin

Java is the official mobile app development language but other languages have tried to cover up its shortcomings. One of them is Kotlin. It is an open-source programming language that combines object-oriented and functional programming features. It offers some benefits over Java, like-

Compatibility- It is interoperable with Java and programs written in Java can be easily changed to Kotlin by adding the given tools and frameworks.

Fewer codes- With Kotlin, you require fewer codes for the same app when compared to Java due to its better data classes, type interface, properties and smart casts. This makes it easy to maintain and apply changes when needed.

Safe code- The code simplicity of Kotlin allows for fewer errors thus reducing the chances of crashes and system failures.

Faster coding- Its object declarations, parameter values and extension functions speed up the development thus reducing the coding time.

Null safety- Kotlin has null in its type system thus reducing the danger of null references from code.


3. Swift

Swift replaced Objective-C as the primary programming language for iOS applications. The benefits of using Swift for iOS app development are-

Clean syntax- The codes in Swift is compact and concise giving it a simplified view. Also, the code resembles simple English language making it more readable and easy to understand. Also, compact code means faster development and better speed.  

Easy file maintenance- With Swift, you have a single code file (.swift) instead of two as in Objective-C (header file .h and implementation file .m).

Easy bug testing- Swift generates compiler error making it easy to fix bugs while writing the code.

Open-source- Swift has good support from online communities thus making improvements on a regular basis.

Dynamic libraries- Dynamic libraries linked to an app helps in linking newer versions of the language.

Interactive coding- The Playgrounds feature helps coders to test new algorithms first by writing a chunk of code while receiving feedbacks without having to create the entire app.  

Other than these mobile app languages there are the hugely popular frameworks that are used to develop mobile apps. The most common examples of frameworks for mobile app development is Flutter, Ionic, PhoneGap, Xamarin, and Framework7.


4. HTML5

HTML5 can be used for cross-platform applications. The frameworks that use HTML5 are Apache Cordova (formerly known as PhoneGap), JQuery Mobile, SproutCore and Sencha Touch. HTML5 mobile apps are cheaper and easier to build.


5. XML

XML is used as a frontend markup language to define the appearance of the app and for parsing data either from the database or server to the Android app. 


6. CSS3

The framework like PhoneGap and Cordova uses HTML5, JavaScript and CSS language to create mobile apps. HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript are basically used for designing the mobile app user-interface. 


7. C#

C# is an object-oriented, functional and component-oriented programming language. It works best for simple mobile application development. When hardware-specific native features are required, then Java from Android and Objective-C for iOS is required. Xamarin framework uses C# language and is great for cross-platform mobile apps. C# is reliable, easy to adopt with powerful features. It is also best for game development. The cross-platform game engine, Unity uses C# as the scripting API.


8. C++

C++ is used where close interaction with the hardware is required like in mobile gaming development, signal processing and simulations. NDK toolset is required to enable the development of apps in Android using C++. But using the NDK tool has disadvantages like compatibility issues, hard debugging and decreased flexibility. 


9. Java Script

Ionic, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile, NativeScript, Apache Cordova, Node.js are some of the popular frameworks that have JavaScript in them. The basic client-side functions can be operated by this scripting language. The JavaScript frameworks can be used across a number of platforms. Node.js framework does not limit the JavaScript to the front end only and is used even in the server-side implementations.  


10. Dart

The Dart, a typed object programming language was developed by Google in October 2011. The Flutter UI framework uses Dart programming language. We can say that Dart has become known because of Flutter’s popularity. Google has documented it extensively, but the online support from communities is limited.  



Mobile app development is easy now thanks to the countless frameworks and toolkits available. Selecting a framework depends on your expertise, the client requirement and the use of advanced technologies.

Daddys Code is the best mobile development agency that ensures designing and developing a good product based on customer requirements. Our mobile app development service is reliable, affordable and efficient. If you want a good mobile app, contact us and we will ensure that you get a best responsive, fully-functional mobile app that has the best user interface.  

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