What Is Bulk SMS Service In Mobile Marketing?

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Bulk SMS service is a cost-effective marketing tool that has to be used by each business that wants to grow. It is a mobile marketing strategy that drives sales.

Don’t you instantly open an SMS if the starting message read “20% Discount”? Ever wondered about the OTPs sent to you by the banks, your transaction status, discount offer messages sent by businesses? All these form a part of the bulk SMS service. Bulk SMS service allows businesses to send SMS messages in one go to various customer groups. SMS marketing by businesses has proven to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. 


What is bulk SMS service?

Bulk SMS service or bulk messaging is a type of mobile marketing service to send SMS in large numbers at once to customers.

The main benefit of bulk SMS service is that the businesses can send the SMS messages through various means like the web interface, software program, mobile device, or through SMS API integration with the software system or website.


How does the bulk SMS service work?

Businesses can use a software program, a web interface, or an SMS API integrated website or system to first submit the bulk messages to the SMS service provider’s server. From the server, it is passed on to the telecom operator’s server through the SMPP connection or the SMS pipe. From the operator’s server, it gets transmitted to the target telecom operator server and the end mobile device. The bulk SMS gateway distributes the messages to the SMSC (Short Message Service Centre or server) of the mobile operator through a direct connection. It is then sent to the recipient’s mobile phone number.    


How does a bulk SMS Gateway work?

Businesses can use bulk SMS service for speedy sending of messages to a large recipient group. Select the best SMS gateway provider who assures a good delivery success ratio.

  • Sign up with any good bulk SMS service provider.
  • Create your account and select the relevant package.
  • Create a sender ID and wait for its approval.
  • Create groups by uploading contact numbers.
  • Type the text and click on Send.
  • Check the delivery status reports in your account.

Be sure to ask for the delivery status report with your bulk SMS service provider in case you are not able to view it from your account. This will ensure that you know the delivery status of the sent bulk messages.


Bulk Messaging Types

Bulk SMS services can be categorized into two types. One is the transactional SMS that includes important notifications, alerts that are sent to registered users only. The other is the promotional SMS that is related to marketing or advertising of products and services.

Transactional SMS-

Transactional SMS is used by businesses to send important notifications like delivery details, order updates, OTPs, transaction reports, etc. Through the transactional SMS, the messages can be sent to even the DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers at any time of the day or night.

Promotional SMS-

The promotional bulk SMS service is mainly for advertising and marketing of products or services. This can be used by businesses to send offers like discounts, coupons, free gifts and other activities like payment confirmations, transaction details, alerts, delivery notifications, OTP, etc. The promotional SMS can be sent to non-DND numbers from morning 9 to night 9 only.

Bulk messaging not only helps you to reach new customers but is also an integral part of your business. Sending transaction details, payment status, order dispatch details to your customers makes them feel that you care for them. So while transactional SMS helps you to stay connected with your customers, promotional SMS service can be used to get new customers and for brand building.   


What are the Bulk SMS service benefits?

  1. High Open Rate

Email marketing, even though is considered to be one of the efficient means of marketing, SMS marketing outperforms when it comes to the open rate. The SMS messages have an open rate of 98%. It means that 98% of the customers are going to read the promotional messages that will be sent to them. Imagine the power of marketing if you put in the right words! The chances of getting leads are high in SMS and this is one of the main bulk SMS service benefits.

  1. Fast Delivery

The Bulk SMS service promises faster delivery of messages. The bulk SMS is delivered in a few seconds. This bulk SMS service benefit is that it enables businesses to connect with clients speedily.

  1. Maximum Reach

Bulk messaging can be sent to thousands of people at one go. It is inexpensive and doesn’t take much effort to market products or services to people. The information is directly sent to the customer.

  1. Cost-Effective

The Bulk SMS sender charges less rates for messaging services. One of the main bulk messaging benefits is that it is the most affordable means of mobile marketing. The results are instant.

  1. Message Scheduling

The bulk SMS service provides a message scheduling option. The customer can choose to send SMS at the required date and time. This can be planned prior to an event, launch or offer date.

  1. To-The-Point

The SMS is a short text of just 160 characters including the landing page link. So the messages have to be crisp, clear and to-the-point and should entice the customer to click on the link.

  1. No Junk Folder

There is every possibility that your promotional emails will be sent to the spam folder. But the bulk SMS service benefit is that there is no such possibility and the customer does check the messages often.

  1. Target Customers

Bulk messaging has the added advantage in that the text can be sent to target customers who are interested in the product or service. If you form recipient groups, you can also analyze the reports to see which of them has higher click chances.   

Bulk SMS service can be used to improve your sales, generate profits and grow your business. For companies looking for cost-effective methods of advertising, BULK SMS will work wonders for you!

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